Learning Management System/Engineering Intern (March 2019 - January 2020)
My Role
Mechanical Engineer II - Product Engineering - ION System (March 2022 - Present)
       My role at Saratech was a part time role where I worked in a team to help develop courses in Finite Element Analysis Software, predominantly being FEMAP and NX CAD. More information about my role is below:
• Created and modified courses in FEMAP and NX CAD for Saratech's Learning Management System.
• Created CAD drawings, models, and tutorials to support FEMAP and NX CAD courses.
• Collaborated with Internship team members and professor to meet course needs.
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About Saratech
The below excerpt is from Saratech's website. More information can be found below through the button labeled "About Saratech".
Our Mission
     Providing engineering solutions to help companies realize better products through improved product development experiences.

What We Do
       Saratech helps companies develop better products by providing our engineering expertiseservicessoftware, and manufacturing solutions to improve their product development experiences. We help optimize engineering processes to accelerate product development and speed up time-to-market. 

Who We Are       The Saratech team is a dedicated group of professionals focused on helping customers with product development. We know engineering. Our team has years of experience working with companies of all sizes and industries. Our engineering team uses the software and tools that we sell and support while employing industry best practices and methodologies.
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