Licenses and Certifications
Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) - Mechanical Design
Credential ID: C-3H9T4BCAX5
Understanding and Visualizing Data with Python
Credential ID: EASZYT2UHP3Z
CS1301xII: Computing in Python II: Control Structures
Credential ID: fa8d9f5820a841358cbcc1dabf8a32a4
CS1301xI: Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming
Credential ID: 091816facbce485ab2baedf1632165d8
Python Data Structures
Getting Started with Python
Credential ID: A7YSB99KCDUC
Engineering Drawings for Manufacturing
Credential ID: Ach-HybbBXhmvXC8TUujn6gBegEM
SOLIDWORKS: Simulation for Finite Element Analysis
Credential ID: AbyT2mavZx97zA1hKVuOrEDvn6nn
Six Sigma: Green Belt
Credential ID: AcEF5j--gS_8mLFNQ4QF7rjJ9Qor
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