Intuitive Surgical
Mechanical Engineer II - Product Engineering - ION System (March 2022 - Present)
My Role: Mechanical Engineer II - Product Engineering - ION System 
March 2022 - Present
     I have been a Mechanical Engineer II at Intuitive Surgical since March 2022. My roles and responsibilities include the following:
• Support the design, development, and verification of the Ion surgical robotic platform.
• Rapid development of full-scale prototypes to implement on the current-use Ion systems.
• Design final product components and develop respective mechanical drawings.
• Document key design decisions and run design review meetings.
• Design and construct engineering fixtures for testing, verification, and validation.
• Develop complete mechanical assemblies, with careful consideration for key functions and safety.
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Intuitive Surgical
     Intuitive Surgical is a Medical Robotics Company that specializes in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery. Intuitive was founded in November of 1995, with it's primary headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The company is most prominently known for the DaVinci Surgical System.
      Today, Intuitive is the leader in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery, and has over 6,730 DaVinci systems installed in hospitals worldwide, spanning 69 countries. (2)
       More information about Intuitive and the DaVinci System can be found with the buttons below.
       Intuitive Surgical has been predominantly known for it's DaVinci Surgical System. The company recently expanded to other surgical needs with it's new pursuit the Ion. 
       The Ion is a robotic assisted bronchoscopy platform for minimally invasive peripheral lung biopsy (4). Most smaller lesions exist in the outer 1/3 of the lung, and conventional lung biopsy procedures do not allow for kind of access, and typically have give low diagnostic yield. For those that do, they are highly invasive, however provide higher diagnostic yield.
       The Ion aims to allow for minimally invasive lung biopsy while also providing high diagnostic yield. More information about the Ion can be fond with the button below.
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